We are National lines

Based out of Sacramento, National Lines is a band that brings passion, heart, and joy to every musical performance.  Made up of Tim Peters, Kimberley Peters, Josh Minor, CJ Munoz and Lloyd Brown - their joint love of music, family and fun brought them together to create something special. 

National Lines is a band born out of the industrious and enchanting State of Washington, and blend a combination of rock, pop and alternative music. Their lead singer and drummer, Tim Peters and Josh Minor, have been playing music together for over ten years. Tim’s wife, Kimberley Peters, who moved from New Zealand five years ago, joined the band in 2011. CJ and Lloyd both joined the band in 2015. 


Vocals, Guitar / Tim Peters

Vocals, Guitar / Kimberley Peters

Vocals, Drums / Josh Minor

Electric Guitar / CJ Munoz

Bass / Lloyd Brown